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The Power of Small

June 28, 2017



At GoFresh, we believe quality comes before size. For the few years since our genesis, our core members have always been part of a tightknit group driven by the same core mission statement; to provide only the freshest and finest foods to our customers, period. In our quest to do so, we emphasize aspects of our business philosophy within our products that would be simply be logistically impossible for larger vendors.

Our service is personalized to the extent that we know many of our repeat customers’ names by heart. We personally write our customers’ names on every GoFresh delivery package and arrange every item perfectly by hand so that upon delivery, everything is where we want it to be.

We ensure that we are contactable by both email and phonecall during working hours so that any issues our customers face can be instantly addressed. While we would assume such personalized troubleshooting might sound like a chore to most, let us assure you that it is our pleasure to hear that our efforts managed to make your overall shopping experience better.

In the fresh food business, conventional wisdom dictates that a grocer should provide a narrow range of popular products that all sell well. However, we believe that such a model would only skim the surface in terms of providing what we believe should be a truly rich and rewarding shopping experience to our customers. As such, we’ve gone the extra mile in stocking our virtual shelves with such a variety of items that we are confident will satisfy the palate of even the most fastidious shopper.

Our relationship with our customers is of utmost priority to us. To us, our online feedback system is by no means an ineffectual placebo; it’s an important platform which serves as a conduit to our customers and their concerns. Any added inconvenience that a customer suffers is an indictment of our very philosophy. From the moment of ordering until a pristine product is delivered safely to your doorstep, our job isn’t fully complete. As such, our customer service style is catered to respond to even the smallest of customer requests. From requesting a product that isn’t on our menu to specifying a delivery time outside our regular hours, no request is too big or too small for us.


From all of us at GoFresh, we thank you for supporting our small but sensational local business!