Food Facts

The GoFresh Method

May 31, 2017


Here at GoFresh, every single meat, grain or seafood offered is handled by our own highly-trained crew members. We pay close attention to our racks and we are very delicate when handling our meats.

Behind Closed Doors

 To bring you the best food possible, we frequently conduct random quality assurance and food safety checks on our butchers. Want to know what a GoFresh food safety audit looks like? Here’s a little glimpse at the criteria we examine.

They include:

  • Facilities, equipment and fabrication practices
  • Coolers, freezers, chilled transport
  • Rodent and insect control
  • Personal hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Condition and cleanliness of work and staff areas
  • Documentation

Every order we receive from you is unique in size and item choice, we offer three different sizes of recyclable styrofoam boxes to optimize our packaging and delivery. For orders that include frozen products, we include a hand-packed sachet of dry ice in order to ensure any minor thawing during delivery is kept to a minimal.


Handle with Care

After you receive your food, here are a few handy tips for personal handling of GoFresh’s meat products.


  • Wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and lots of soap.
  • When storing meat, remember to turn your freezer to 0°F (-17.8°C) if possible, maximizing shelf life and freshness.
  • Raw meat products are especially prone to bacterial contamination. Remember to prepare all meat dishes on a separate, disinfected cutting surface.
  • When marinating meat, it’s better to do so in a bowl in your fridge than in your sink. This keeps the temperature low enough to prevent any unwanted fermentation.
  • Frozen meat is best thawed at a normal refrigerator temperature. If you have to thaw the meat quickly, do so in a plastic bag and submerging it in cold running tap water.


If you’ve read this far, welcome to the GoFresh family! Here’s to delicious meals and a wonderful life!

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