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Superfoods: An Introduction to Navitas’s Naturals

April 27, 2017

Written by : Jeremy Madhavan

The term “superfood” has been wrought with controversy since its genesis in the vernacular of foodies worldwide. It’s easy to understand why – an attractive title tied in with ambiguous claims of huge health benefits is an obvious target for cynics to label it as simply just another marketing strategy for a flimsy product. However, while there’s currently a lack of an empirical, according-to-Hoyle criterion for what exactly a superfood is, there’s no ambiguity about the sheer abundance of nutrition jam-packed within these packets of powder.

Generally, superfoods are plant-based, sometimes infused with extracted fish-oil and dairy products. In Navitas’s Naturals line of superfoods, their core ingredients are as varied and exotic as wheatgrass to acai to pomegranate to even the Himalayan Goji berry. Each flavor has its own unique strengths, their core ingredients catering to a particular aspect of our physiology, be it anti-oxidants for for tissue health or calcium for bone density.

Consumers who’ve included Navitas’s superfood products in their daily diet have noticed a marked increase in alertness, energy levels, reduction of stress and ability to shake off minor illnesses. Most dieticians will tell you that the key to a healthy diet and body is to consume the right nutrients in the right amounts – superfoods are just that much better than many other alternatives in providing us with those very things. I love a good burger or pizza just as much as the next person, but let’s face it, I’m not going to get the fiber, calcium or the myriad vitamins my body needs by stuffing my face at Burger King.

These foods aren’t going to miraculously cure cancer, deal with global warming or stabilize our political climate. But what they’ll do is enrich your body with the right amounts of the right things that the gastronomical scientists at Navitas have engineered into powder form for your ease of consumption. And most importantly of all, they all taste absolutely amazing.