USA Kurobuta Pork Jowl Yakiniku

$ 16.90


Small bite-sized pieces of Kurobuta jowl meat that compliments the refine Japanese Grilling. The pork equivalent to “Kobe Beef”, our purebred Kurobuta comes from the famed Berkshire pig. The breed is known to be rich in flavour, delicate in texture and has an unbelievable level of juiciness, We chose the juiciest portion from the cheek to the neck of the pork, known as the jowl, for its delicate and unique crunchiness. Masterfully prepared by our butchers, it is prepared into small, bite-sized piece for your grilling pleasure.

Origin: USA

Fresh Tips:

  • Season meat with a slight tinge of pepper and salt or simple Yuzu Pepper.
  • Brush sesame oil to the surface of the grill before grilling. This prevents meat from sticking to the grill and provides a little bit of moisture.
  • Great for Mookata, Yakiniku or Korean BBQ.

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