NoMU Sea Salt Grinder 100g

$ 8.90


Pure hand harvested sea salt from the unpolluted waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Use at all stages of cooking and as a table condiment to enhance the natural flavour of your food.

Recommended ways to spice up your cooking!

  • Grind over crisp baby veg for a deliciously healthy snack. Organic radishes are a personal favourite.
  • Grind over squashed rosa tomatoes with torn buffalo mozzarella and loads of ripped basil.
  • A grind of salt enhances the flavour of chocolate so add a grind to your hot chocolate and to your baking.

Storage instructions: Please store in a cool, dry and ambient temperature environment for best shelf life results.

Origin:  Cape Town, Africa

There is no suggested recipe for the product

There is no suggested cooking methods for the product