Maine Lobster Live

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If lobster is on your mind, this is where you want to satisfy your craving. Sweet, succulent, and buttery, lobsters are the royalty of the sea. Live lobsters sport various colors: brown, green and even blue (that’s rare); when cooked, they all turn bright orange-red. Delivered chilled, these lobsters are served best when boiled, broiled, or steamed.

Origin: Canada

Fresh Tips: Live lobster should never be frozen but cooked lobster freezes well. For best results, the cooked meat should be removed from the shell and placed in plastic containers, glass bottles or freezer bags. Prepare a brine solution of 1/4 cup (50 ml) salt to each quart (litre) of fresh water. Pour this over the lobster so that all the meat is covered and a 1/2 ince (1.2 cm) headspace remains. Whole cooked lobster can be frozen in individual heavy plastic bags.

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