Fruit Bundles

Immunity Booster Fruit Bundle

$ 79.00$ 139.80

1 week worth of fruits for 2 pax. You have the option of purchasing Option B which includes Acai Powder known for its health benefits or Option C which includes Vitamin C Powder.

Recommend: Blend fruits and add powders and nuts for a full healthy breakfast.


Included in Immunity Booster Bundle:

  • 10 Green Apples
  • 10 Red Apples
  • 1kg Red Grapes Seedless
  • 8 Kiwi Fruits
  • 5 Oranges
  • 300g of Kale
  • Almond Milk
  • 125g Baby Spinach Leaves
  • 1kg Mango
  • 500g Strawberries ( Seasonal) Might have to switch with another fruit if not in season. A refund will be made for any difference in price.

You may purchase the Acai Powder / Vitamin C Powder from our Superfood range to help boost immunity.

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