Food Facts

The GoFresh Guarantee

May 23, 2017


Our Mission

GoFresh isn’t just a name.

It’s a way of life.

We are what we eat. How many times have we heard this statement? Yet, unlike other cliched sayings, none of us harbor any doubts towards this particular axiom. Those of us that make up the company GoFresh live and die by the absolute belief that only the freshest and most premium quality ingredients should be served to our patrons. Our team of expert nutritionists have scoured the far reaches of the world so as to offer ingredients that are not only exotic, but have gone through the most rigorous of food safety checks.


Our Standards


When we say fresh, we mean it literally. Our foodstuffs are delivered directly from the finest Singaporean suppliers; farmers, fishermen, artisans who are all veritable masters of their trade. prides itself on being the gateway to these gems of cuisine. Through technology, we’re able to bring to your doorstep (yeah, literally, we’ll send it to your actual doorstep) our entire range of products with the ease of just a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Our meat products are hand-trimmed by our butchers to arrive perfectly proportioned and ready to be cooked. With their years of experience, our team of GoFresh butchers are meticulous to a fault; paying attention to the little details like slicing with or against the grain in order to produce an optimal cut. To the GoFresh family, these are the little things that make your Saturday night home cooked dinner with the family that much special.


The GoFresh Guarantee



We built our brand with one singular focus; to deliver fresh, delicious food to all our customers while maintaining our unwavering standards of professionalism. And we’ll be the first one to back our words up.

Every single one of GoFresh’s products comes with a Freshness Guarantee – that is, if you’re not satisfied with any of our products, we’ll furnish you with a replacement posthaste. If you desire a refund, that’s fine too.

We believe that that true gourmet food is a labor of love; you’re not going to find it stocked untidily on dusty supermarket shelves. We take pride in making our customer’s day brighter.

Customer service isn’t merely our job, it’s our pleasure.


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