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Eat Your Heart Out Part 1

November 22, 2016

Imagine, your artery or blood vessel as a thin flexible pipe which blood flows through. This pipe, filled with blood, functions perfectly, it stretches slightly when the heart pumps oxygen filled blood to the rest of the body and contracts slightly when your heart relaxes.

Now imagine that there is this material called HDL cholesterol which works like a Teflon to coat and maintain the integrity of the pipe, making it smooth and flexible so that blood can flow through it smoothly.

HDLs effectiveness can be stopped by a different type of cholesterol called LDL cholesterol. These LDLs form foam cells which gets trapped on the surface of the pipe which forms what is commonly known as plaque.

Now, because of the plaque, the diameter of the pipe is now smaller. This means that it is now harder for blood to flow through the pipe and blood now has to flow at a much higher pressure to pass through the smaller pipe. Remember that the pipe is flexible, however, with the accumulation of plaque, the pipe hardens, further restricting the flow of blood because it can no long stretch.

If blood is unable to flow through your body, you are going to have serious problems. The plaque can also break off and jam up your artery or blood vessels which leads to a heart attack or stroke.

29.6% of deaths in Singapore are a result of cardiovascular diseases. That’s almost 1 out of 3 of us.

Exercise and a healthy diet are great ways to keep your heart in tip top shape. Doctors recommend 30 minutes of vigorous exercise everyday to keep your heart healthy. Belly fat is a big promoter of LDL.

A healthy diet, is available to all of us with a little bit of effort. With a HDL supportive diet, it can keep our good HDL cholesterols high and our bad LDL cholesterols in check. HDL not only strengthens the integrity of your blood vessels but they also actively reduce bad cholesterols.

Some HDL supportive foods:

Olive Oil

Oily Fish- Salmon, Mackerel and Tuna

Soy- Edamame

Whole Grain- Oatmeal and Brown Rice

Fruits- Avocado, Prunes and Apricots

Nuts- Brazilian Nuts, Almonds and Walnuts