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A superior detoxification agent: Navitas Wheatgrass mix

May 5, 2017

Written By: Jeremy Strav Madhavan


Wheatgrass. A seemingly unassuming name for an incredibly potent green liquid. A single shot-glass of this mix can give you an instantaneous energy lift. Been chugging Red Bulls to stay awake and overclocking your body with copious amounts of caffeine, taurine and guaranine? Try a glass of Navitas’s Wheatgrass mix instead for a far healthier and more natural energy boost to tackle the day’s activities.


Vitamin & Mineral Content


While most superfoods are chock full with vitamins and minerals of all sorts, wheatgrass probably trumps them all in sheer diversity. It’s extremely effective in aiding our body’s healing during rest as it contains virtually every single mineral currently known to mankind. It consists of vitamins A, B-complex, C, I and K. Struggling to maintain a protein-rich diet for your workout regime? Wheatgrass is one of the few plant-based superfoods that is incredibly rich in protein, including 17 different amino acids infused within – the very building blocks of protein.




The most defining feature of Wheatgrass as a superfood is its ridiculously high chlorophyll content. We all remember our biology classes in Secondary school. Something to do with light and energy that sounded overly complex and undeniably boring. What you do need to know is its myriad health benefits – arresting the growth of harmful bacteria, regulating blood sugar levels and even improving the quality of your skin.

It also helps haemoglobin production levels – the protein needed to transport oxygen throughout the body. For readers who play sports on a weekly basis, having even just a single glass of wheatgrass mix per day would improve breath capacity and stamina for anything aerobic. The negative effects of carbon monoxide that all of us are exposed to in the urban jungle of Singapore are also greatly mitigated through haemoglobin enrichment.



When we think of cleansing our digestive system, we often think of carrot and cranberry juice as the main agents for flushing toxins out of our body. Wheatgrass is a superior detoxification agent compared to either. Not only does it help flush out our gastrointestinal tract, it helps purify our liver as well. This is especially important for people who consume alcohol regularly, as alcohol taxes our liver function like no other substances.



For most of you reading this article, I’d imagine this section would be the most forboding. Healthy foods and taste have always had an acrimonious relationship; the healthier the food, the more unwelcome the taste, right? Those of us familiar with foods like ginseng and bittergourd will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s the thing: wheatgrass has an extremely strong taste. Think finely cut lawn grass, and you’ll have a rough idea of what to expect. From a personal viewpoint, I’d say it’s quite an acquired taste. However, the Navitas’s Naturals blend tastes far better than most generic wheatgrass mixes. This is due to their unique technique of freeze-drying it into a fresh powder to not only lock in nutrition, but to ensure that it tastes way better than simply ground up dried wheatgrass.

For any remaining skeptics, there’s truly only one foolproof way to see if Navitas’s Naturals wheatgrass is the best option for your daily health drink; grab a packet and try it yourself!

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