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What our Customers say


I love the variety of fresh seafood GoFresh offers. It’s really convenient because I don’t need to travel to a store or carry heavy groceries. Everything is delivered straight to my door.

− Megan Lucas


If having to stop by a supermarket after work is a hassle enough, stopping by to find that the meats you want are sold out is even more frustrating. GoFresh not only makes the whole process of grocery shopping more convenient; the meats are fresh, of great quality, and very affordable.

− Rachel Moreira


I've never ordered groceries online before, but when the wife had a craving for wagyu beef, I decided to try out GoFresh. The next day delivery was super fast and efficient, and with a little salt and pepper marinate, the beef was on par with high-end restaurants. Highly recommended!

− Timothy Fong

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